.Qpon will help consumers find great coupons, coupon codes, and offers on all products and services without searching endlessly to find them.


The idea behind “The .Qpon Project” is simple.

Everyone would like to pay less for whatever they are buying.


No one likes to pay more than necessary. Currently, finding coupons, coupon codes, and offers is very time consuming and it’s not worth the time and effort of hunting down the deal. “The Juice isn’t worth the squeeze!”


Imagine how easy it would be if you were going to Staples for office supplies and you simply went to Staples.Qpon and all their coupons and sales were conveniently listed on their BrandName.Qpon website page. You print, email or text the coupon, coupon code, or offer and off you go to the store – quick and easy!



Whether it be on-line or at a retail location, the biggest challenge a store or brand name can have is getting the business in the door.  .Qpon is the solution.


.Qpon provides a very cost efficient advertising venue for all product & service companies. Whether you’re a restaurant, tuxedo shop or a tanning salon, under $20 a year to reach your customers and get them in the door is a very reasonable marketing expense. You will no longer have to spend money on printing coupons for mailers, which only has a 1% response rate at best. There are too many sheets of separation with mailers before the consumer is able to use the coupon, and, most of the time, they are not specific to what they want or what they need a coupon for.


With .Qpon, the consumer knows what they are looking for, quickly finds a coupon from that specific store and off they go.



By having a dedicated website for your Qpons and deals, the consumer can quickly find savings.  If the consumer were going to your stores “.com” website, they have to search around the website and see if there’s a coupon button or link to direct them to another page to see what deals you might have. It’s time-consuming, annoying and in many cases they don’t have the patience and give up.  With a dedicated .Qpon website, the consumer will more likely check for savings at your store. If you don’t have a .Qpon website and your competitor does, the consumer may go with the best deal and you’ll lose the business.


The .Qpon concept applies to every single product and service in the Yellow Pages in every postal code in the USA; and in most parts of the world.

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