It’s Direct! It’s Fast!

It’s Easy to Find!


The current problem finding Qpons on the Internet is the time it takes to find a Qpon.


A consumer can surf around the current unorganized Internet looking for a deal amongst the masses of unrelated Internet search engine clutter and it may take 5 minutes or they may not find it at all. The time it takes to find a deal isn’t worth the Savings. “The juice isn’t worth the squeeze!” ™


Price Comparison:


Price Comparison is another benefit to the consumer. If a consumer wants to see who has better deals on milk, eggs, cereal etc. before going to the grocery store, the consumer can do a quick check at each of the stores .Qpon websites, compare prices, pick the best deal and head out the door.


Everyone wants to pay less; it just needs to be available to them quick & easy.


Coupon Code Sites:


Many times, coupon code websites don’t work or they’re expired.


If a consumer is at the merchants .Qpon website, they can depend on the coupon code to work. Since the merchants don’t have to pay these 3rd party coupon code websites a fee for driving that traffic to the merchants flagship website, the merchant saves money; and can pass that savings to the consumer by offering reliable coupon codes at their own .Qpon website.


Current Broken Methods:



Print – too many sheets of separation
(not what the consumer wants to find.)


Search engines – unorganized mess


Coupon code sites – invalid or expired

.Qpon Benefits:



Dedicated for Qpons – consumers know exactly what they’re going to find.


Saves consumers time finding deals


Easily compare prices


Easy to spell


No user confusion like other TLDs with singular/plural confusion issues.


The merchant saves money and the consumer saves money.



.Qpon – Finally, a Fast, efficient way to find Great Deals!

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